How AI Make Human Immortal ?

To become immortal is ancient dream of human being. Many stories we heared and read ; how our ancestors practice to become immortal. Royal family  (Queen Elizabeth Bathory) drink and bath with teen age girls blood. Many magical tricks (Black magic) also used to become immortal and looking young. But no one became successful. Who tries to become immortal ; failed and sleep in lap of death.  Many religion explane  death in different way but the secrate of immortality i unsolved.


There exist  two kind of immortality; first one is biological and an other one is digital immortality   i.e immortality of our thoughts ,idea and memories.

With help of AI and machine learning biological immortality can be achieved.  We carry and transform billionr of genomes from one generation of a to another generation. All of this genomes data will be inserted into AI machine.  Today; human follow out of box thinking pattern and believe that aging is not a law of nature. It is build up by genetic error means cell become slower and they die we can understood it with example of car engine. In car engine lot of moving parts work and combustion take place. We can find such area in our cells where such combustion take place. That area is mitochondria. Mitochondria work like car engine in human cells. Soon we cure all the mistakes that build up in Mitochondria and get success to living forever.

Second kind of immortality is digital  and we get success up to our hopes and with passage of time and exponential growth of AI and machine. Soon we achieve what we want and desires .  we would be able to digities human personalities ,feeling emotions,sensation and create digital copy of human.Presently  many videos available on you tube ,how AI helping user talked to dead loved ones.Also soul is data not a material.The information that is captured by solutions throughave conciousness of our five senses can be storable and transferable. By capturing our thoughts, visions and memories in form of data and transfor to artificial body.

Ray Kurzwei predicated in his book “The singularity is near ” , with help of nano robots and AI , human achieve everlasting life by 2030.when we react at point of singularity,  technology and ourselves are no longer two different things.

Such kind of singularity; help us to creat duplicate of ourself and our loved ones.Most of influential and intelligent people in our life  stay forever and we can take suggestion ,ideas from their knowledge and experience. Even we can ask questions to them .They give answer on basis of up to which we store their life time memories, thought and incidents.

New concept also arises ; why we are waiting for our death. We can creat more than two versions of ourself and used to do different task . Example , one version go to office; another one  do kithchen work at home and so on.It help us to add more pleasure and value to our real exisantace .

Also such kind of immortality forced human to behave better and in more ethical way because there is no more escaping from consequences of their action through death.

I know ;such  kind of immortality creat controversy, argument and lot of questions; because thinking out of box do not provided same  cup of tea to everyone. This is more purposeful and meaningful in case of bilological immortality. Many questions arises for biological immortality on basis of religions, economic and availability of natural resources. We have need to creat forecasting views  to such questions in advance ;so we can able to face and handle problem created in future after achieve our ancestors dreams..

What are you thinking ? Such kind of achievement would be beneficial or harmful for humanity ?



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