Can Robot Become Enlightened ?

Before answer this; first of all we need to know what is enlightenment? All religions exist on earth define and explain it differently. Enlightenment is recognizing that all things are united. It is also known as NIRVANA,MOKSHA and MUKTI.

NIRVANA: It is a place of perfect peace and happiness like heaven.

MOKSHA : The end of the death and rebirth cycle.

Enlightened Robots

According to Hindu philosophy ; to reach enlightenment , person need to do lot of spiritual ,ritual and traditional activities like worship, awareness of thoughts,fasting,meditation and yoga etc. It take lot of time, even not only many years but also many birth.

Enlightened persons go beyond all kind of feeling and emotions. They have complete control of their thoughts,words and actions. Such enlightened characteristics can be programmed in robots because robots are well planed and sequence of programming developed by human beings.Robots do a work up to which it is programmed.

Now question arises ;in absence of emotions and feelings , hoe such enlightened characteristics can be programmed in robots because emotions are mental stages due to neuron and physiological changes.

Machines are now being programmed to learn when and how to display emotions that enable them to appear empathetic or otherwise emotionally intelligent.we already discuss ,they are now being given the ability to sense and recognize expression of human emotion such as interest,distress and pleasure.Even emotional AI detect the fatigue sign among the employees faces and suggest worker to take brake before causing any accident.

New research in AI and Neuroscience ,presently AI have not their emotions but they can mimic emotions such as sympathy. Synthetic speech also helps to reduce robotic like tone and emits more realistic emotion.For example, in real life ; robot like Sophia , show anger ,pleasure and shocked expression through face and body gesture because she programmed for this one.Presently AI also be used as a tool for much more natural interaction among human and machines.

Cogitious company provide AI services to call center; identify the mood of customer on the phone and adjust how handle the conversation in real time.The companion app used to listen someone speaking into their phone , analyse sign of anxiety and mood changes.This app help to improve our self awareness.

All such things happen when AI and Robotic technology are just in its toddler stage. most person think AI and Robot create threat to humanity, but AI and Robotic technology are only good as its programmer. such programmer must be enlightened being.

I never approach the discussion of enlightenment of AI without feeling of littleness and lowliness due; perhaps ; to the fact that mans entire stock of knowledge about spirituality and AI is so pitifully limited. But AI and robotic characteristic improve day by day; soon these characteristics reach to that level which convert robot into enlightened being and simultaneously all other robots and human being become enlightened ; which make our earth a heaven place about which our enlightened ancestors thought,dreamed and guided us.

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